My favorite places in the Haut Doubs Region

My favorite places in the Haut Doubs Region

My favorite places in the Haut Doubs Region

One thing to know before beginning to read this article is that I was born in the Haut Doubs Region but my parents and my family were not (it is important to mention it). Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to travel, to discover the world. At 22, I was already able to see many beautiful things but it’s when you come back home, that you realize its beauty.

Info :

The Haut Doubs Region is a small area, located in the Doubs region, which is itself part of the Franche-Comté region, situation in the east of France ; it is next to Switzerland and just below Alsace. Today, it is part of the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region.

This little piece of land is quite particular ; it snows in November and in May, people have a weird accent, a weird way of thinking, they go to work in Switzerland with the Swiss, our neighbors, who come here to stock up in return. But what I like the most are the landscapes.

  • The Brévine Lake

Frankly, it’s not located in the Haut Doubs Region or even less in France, but in Switzerland, 5 minutes away from the border. Its nickname is the little Siberia of Switzerland. This small lake displays landscapes as beautiful in winter as in summer. In summer, you can walk around on foot or by bike, with your family or not, you can swim while enjoying the view and your friends, the cows. In winter, the scenery changes. You could think that you are in another country… If the weather is on your side, you can even enjoy some ice skating !

Lac de la brévine suisse
Lac des tailléres
Lac gelée Brévine
  • Le saut du Doubs

Unavoidable tourist attraction in the Haut Doubs Region, this waterfall is 88 feet in height and is located on the Franco-Swiss border. You can take a walk with your friends, lover, family, on foot, by bike, by boat and during whichever season. The overview is magical with the forests, rivers and cliffs.

saut du doubs
  • Le lac saint point

In summer, the Saint-Point Lake is like the beaches of The French Riviera (I’m exaggerating, of course).

In fall, you could think that you are in Canada.

In winter, you are in Canada.

Regardless of the season, this lake offers a splendid scenery which changes according to the weather.

You have the possibility to do many different activities on water or on ground, such as walking, cycling and running around the lake. You can even have a snack and sleep there.

lac saint point
  • Défilé d’Entre-Roches

Défilé d’Entre-Roches offers a majestic scenery ; I especially appreciate it in the fall and in winter. Sadly, there are no pathways to take a walk along it. You can admire the view from your car and by making stops. Because of the turns, it is better if you are not car sick and in winter, you have to be equipped. Snow tires are essential.

défilé entre roche
  • Simply wandering in the forest.

Haut doubs foret lumiére
riviere haut doubs
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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