My Bucket list #1

My Bucket list #1

My Bucket list #1

Definition: a bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person wishes to have experienced or accomplished during their life.

Everyone has dreams, wants, things that they would like to have done before they die. I am sharing my list which is far from being complete, it will certainly grow. I am inviting you to write yours as well, to keep a trace, to motivate yourselves to go beyond your limits, to make your dreams come true, and see what you have already accomplished in life.

Fulfilling my desire for adventure and discovery:

  1. Travel around the world (I spare you the list of countries, maybe it will be in an upcoming article)
  2. To live in a foreign country (an English-speaking one)
  3. To travel for a couple weeks by myself
  4. To do a trek
  5. To see Northern Lights
  6. To celebrate New Year’s Eve in a city such as Sydney, New York…
  7. To get a massage in Thailand
  8. To go dog sledding in Canada
  9. To offer my parents a trip

Go beyond my limits physically:

  1. To run the semi-marathon
  2. To run in a race for charity with friends
  3. To find a team mate for running
  4. To do some yoga
  5. To learn skiing
  6. To dive underwater

Give a purpose to my life:

  1. To volunteer in a charity (for the French society for the prevention of cruelty to animals and so on)
  2. Participate in a charity run
  3. To finally give my blood (I had an iron deficiency for 4 years)
  4. If one day, I decide to have a child I want to adopt
  5. To have a job where I will be happy
  6. To go on a humanitarian trip
  7. To have one or several dogs (Husky, Labrador, Golden retriever…)

To develop my skills and grow:

  1. To speak English fluently
  2. To get better at photography
  3. To take baking classes
  4. To be confident
  5. To stop being afraid of what other people think

To grant my own wishes:

  1. To have the perfect flat (hot water, shower pressure, bright, windows, quiet neighbors, green view outside etc.)
  2.  To get another tattoo
  3. To get a piercing

    What about yours? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.
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